about us and why

about us

After 15 years of working with and supporting wonderful children of all ages and abilities, raising my own gorgeous kids, and enjoying being creative in every way it seemed a natural step to combine my passions and share them with you all!

my arty party is a family run business established in 2014 and based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  With the help of my daughter Lucy and our fantastic team, we provide bespoke arts and crafts experiences and entertainment for children that inspire and encourage creativity and imagination.

Over the last six years my arty party has enjoyed delivering crafty fun to thousands of children at events, parties and workshops!  We have also recently being creating fantastic arts and crafts activity packs for children to enjoy during lockdown.

We love to develop activity ideas for all ages that excite, inspire and welcome participation.  Our activities are achievable, adaptable and fun and when we see the individual interpretations of them it’s just wonderful!

We have had the honour to work in collaboration with so many amazing families and local organisations, both public and private, to create opportunities for children and young people to enjoy many artistic activities over the years.  These include organisations such as Sheffield Libraries, Sheffield City Council, Chesterfield Museum, Regather, local schools, Yorkshire Artspace, the Girl Guides Association, local charities and many more.  We are a Partner with Create Sheffield whos mission to bring arts and culture to as many young people as possible and to remove the barriers that stop young people getting involved.

We support all of the brilliant creative opportunities for children in Sheffield and aim to keep you posted via our Facebook page of what’s going on.

We’re really looking forward to sharing our creative passion and enthusiasm with you!

Zoe Bell – Business Owner


We want children and young people to have opportunities to participate and experience the joy of being creative.  To engage and inspire children and young people to be creative, imaginative and innovative is a wonderful thing.

my arty party would love all children to have the opportunity to access and experience creative activities and develop their artistic and personal capabilities.  We love to give children the confidence to ‘have a go’, experiment, explore and enjoy the creative process without hesitation.  Next time they see a clothes peg, a pipe cleaner, a napkin … they’ll see possibilities, not just the objects!

the benefits children and young people

By developing children’s creative thinking it enables them to apply a creative thought process to new situations and challenges throughout their lives.  They will become more equipped to anticipate and respond to developments and changes in all areas including social situations, technology, learning, pastimes and their future work life.

We cannot underestimate the importance of nurturing talent and allowing children to express themselves creatively. The benefits are enormous and wide-reaching and have positive impacts on outcomes.  Being creative leads to a great sense of achievement and purpose and builds confidence and self-esteem.  It can improve educational attainment, support good mental health and develop essential skills.  It’s also just great fun!

…being creative is fantastic!


Involvement with arts and culture is crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity in young people. It also develops the skills that fuel the success of the UK’s creative industries, and that will result in the next generation of creative talent across the country “. Arts Council England

safe, happy and healthy environments

my arty party believe that the health and safety of children and young people is paramount.  We aim to make our events, parties and workshops a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers and to minimise any hazards and risks.  Our team of staff are experienced and DBS checked and we follow strict policies and procedures at all times for your piece of mind.

Safeguarding Policy

Our Health and Safety Policy

 children’s arts and crafts parties, workshops and events in and around Sheffield

 perfect for any special occasion, event, celebration or just for fun!

call 07957 264242 or contact us to book now

One thought on “about us and why

    famiza said:
    May 1, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Hi, i have a 5years old turning 6 soon. How much is the arty party. Do you provide food or cake. Please let me know. Miza123@hotmail.co.uk


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